Pay Per Head Services


At you’ll find the best pay per head services and prices. Register o call to set up your account and the first week will be free. Our team has professional representatives who will guide you through the initial configuration and follow-up of the post-setup process. When your clients call into our center, all they need is their player ID and a password. We will never ask for names, email addresses or other contact information.

Our pay per head services also features fully customizable agent and player profiles, including sporting limits, payment settings and bet types, settings and teaser payments, straights, if bets, if parlays, reverses, etc. The software is modern and safe, and as an agent it allows you to have control over your players and their moves, betting limits and more. You can also reset the money line, over/under or change the odds.

Our pay per head services includes fully customizable profile for racing horses for agents and players, including selections of tracks, pay limits, bet limits in straight, exact, double, Superfecta, trifecta, Pick 3, Pick 4. We have telephone betting and customer service 24/7 provided by our highly trained and friendly staff. This service has a quality control department; every call is recorded and supported for your protection.

Customers will have a wide range of reports, as well as tools and applications at hand that will provide a better, easier and more efficient experience, thanks to the most advanced software available today for agents. As an agent, you will have the ability to set custom lines for you players in our system. Reset the money line, over/under or change the odds however you need to manage your action.

Every week you will receive reports that will show you how many players you had active every day their total wagers, volumes, wins, and losses. Each report can be broken down by sports, horses and casino. You can also review what they have won or lost since their first bet. The Financial Reports will allow you to see your cash flow, agent adjustments, weekly payments and settled figures.

It also has mobile capabilities so that you can have full access to all reports and tools from your tablet or smartphone. You can personalize your website in several languages and with more than 12 skins to choose.

With this service, you will have more time and money to focus on your customers and develop your business. Don’t wait and register now to start your free trial in our pay per head services.

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